Monday, October 27, 2014

Theatrical Shoe Making: Jill Shoot #2

For No.2 I decided to do the closed toe design.
1st I had to a make the last extension.
So again the notch in the top is to get a square shot at drilling the 3/4" hole.
I put a single screw thru the top to hold the extension firmly onto the last.

Taping and designing the outline with striping tape.
Cut out the negative space.
I determined the seem lines too.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Theatrical Shoe Making: Jill Shoot #1

So my friend Jill has a photo shoot for her Women's clothing coming up and I was asked to join in.
The theme is "futuristic" a popular theme with portfolio building photo teams.

I am referring to my women's photo shoot pieces as "theatrical" because that allows me more freedom in fabrication, other wise these pieces can take 40 - 60 hours and they are not always worth that kind of time.

I made a few sketches and decided to go with these:

I have been developing (trying) different ways to create the little "flick' at the top of the vamp and heel. It requires an addition to the lasts.

I made these in two parts because I was trying an all new way of making the extension. In order to get the vamp flick to go far down onto the cone of the last I realized that a 3/4" hole drilled tangent to the top of the cone was the answer, it works very well. In fact step one is to drill the hole parallel to the grain of the extension wood and then fit all of the other shapes to that. I used a large rat tail file to flair the 3/4 hole at the bottom where the cone gets wider. See #2 for the one piece execution. (coming soon) Once the flared drill hole fits the last very well then you can work the outside down to it; an inside -out approach.

More to come....

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Shoe Making: Men's Practise Derby V4c

OK, so this is Mod #2 to the 1958 11B lasts.
I think I have it? The inside joint for my foot is too far rearward and I have a very narrow foot so I took a 1/4" out of the inside.

I am standardizing my pattern making process with this extended experiment I have been conducting.

Using grey, blue, and red pencil i have all of the construction development info on a single pattern master. I simply make 4 xerox copies and cut out the separate pattern pieces.

More to come:::