Wednesday, April 27, 2016

2016 Sandal Development (1/4" padded in-sole)

I'm really trying to get the 1/4" minimum padding into my sandal design and so my latest experiment has more than a 1/4" "pocket" molded into the mid-sole.

1st I created a spacer for each last and trimmed it back so that the mid-sole could form up and over the last. The next day I trimmed the excess to create a "basin" or pocket for my foam in-sole.

Trimmed and covered.
Pre lasted

I used 1/8" Poron and  1/8" Thermosky. This Poron is amazing stuff, the little experience I have with it is very favorable.

The "inset" in-sole looks better then the "layer cake" look that comes from adding one piece atop another.

Took them for a 40 minute walk today; very good so far.